Save Bungalow on Rainey

Save Bungalow on Rainey

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For years the people of Austin have spent their Saturdays and Sundays in the beautiful Central Texas weather downing millions of gallons of holy religious water on the grounds of the place known as Bungalow. Now, outside investors have taken over Austin to destroy this sacred monument. It's come to my attention that on March 27th -- Bungalow will be no more. 

As an Austinite, beer connoisseur, degenerate, and man of class, I cannot stand for this. Austinites for decades have time and time again stuck it to the man. Now it's time for us to once again band together to save one of the greatest things in Austin -- Bungalow.  

Countless memories have been had at this little bar on Rainey street and we dont deserve to have some bum investor take that away from us. What was so great about Bungalow you ask? Stupid question but I'll list below.

1. Drinking outside in the sun. Who doesn't like day drinking? Who doesn't like dancing with their friends in a crowded outdoor bar in the summer after a heavy brunch?

2. Top tier DJs in the sun. Who doesnt like to dance outside drinking vodka sodas or Lonestars listening to DJ CRG or DJ Reckshop?

3. The only place on Rainey with true bottle service. 

4. Say less 

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!