Save the green space at Kentucky Drive

Save the green space at Kentucky Drive

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Mishelle DeTillio started this petition to CITY OF ASHEVILLE

The City of Asheville plans to develop townhomes on our small street taking away our neighborhood green space starting in spring 2021. They have repeatedly kept us in the dark about these decisions and have yet to respond to any neighbors emails or questions concerning this development. 

Our neighborhood uses this green space as an extension of our small yards, for a space to walk dogs and relax in the sun on a beautiful day or meet up for community music or yoga. 
The unforeseen destruction of it including over 12 trees and crowding of our street is heartbreaking and will greatly impact our day to day living. 

Unforeseen construction timelines and no true plan on parking and space for those already living here is of true concern. 

Timeline of Affordable Housing Project:

9/17/2020- webinar for green space was held 

9/23/2020- neighbors were informed via mail of the webinar that had already passed and were not included. 

10/15/2020- webinar and 2nd addendum commentary collected. 

11/24/2020 - update from the City that they would reach out to neighbors January/February 2021 with proposals. 

1/27/2021- Proposal of 4 townhomes was posted in neighborhood page with no prior communication of meeting to neighbors. 

2nd addendum concerns from 10/15/2020: 

  • City promised green space would be untouched 1976 (actually confirmed from home buyers this was incorrect and it was truly 1999) 
  • Residents would like to see increased attention concerning crime in the surrounding area 
  • City of Asheville has mismanaged affordable housing and landlords in the neighborhood have had issues renting to section 8
  • more info sought on screening process of these tenants or homeowners
  • Residents would like to stay informed about development plans and have the ability to comment on them. Regular communication as well as a meeting with developers are desired. 

    Even after these concerns the City of Asheville continues to miscommunicate and keep our neighbors out of the plans for this development. We would like the opportunity to save our green space and urge the city to consider finishing current Affordable housing projects or seek a more suitable space. 
0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!