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Require Pet Owners to Bring Their Pets Inside During Extreme Weather Conditions

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Last month as the first Polar Vortex was approaching our area, I called my neighbor.  As I was politely reminding them that their dog should be brought inside, I was abruptly interrupted by the wife who said, “Oh please!  It’s just an animal! Leave us alone!”  She then hung up the phone on me.  For the next few days, the temperature stayed well below zero and wind chills were up to 40 degrees below zero.

The current anticruelty laws for the state of Michigan require pet owners to provide enough food, water, a shelter, sanitation, and veterinary care in order to maintain the pet in a state of good health. Unfortunately these laws were not written taking such extreme weather conditions in mind. Even a dog house well stuffed with straw could not be expected to keep a healthy animal completely safe in arctic temperatures, let alone the sick and old.

Sadly, some people don’t realize the suffering of animals living outside. In my opinion, if a pet owner chooses to leave an animal out in life-threatening temperatures, he/she should be charged with animal cruelty and the animal should be confiscated immediately to prevent severe frostbite, hyperthermia, and possible death.

I understand trying to change the state law is a huge undertaking and it takes time.  When I couldn’t find a single local ordinance which addresses my concern and polar vortexes appear to be a continuing trend, I realized something needs to be done quickly at a local level.  Ann Arbor came to my mind immediately as it is the city where I lived for 14 years before moving to a neighboring township. If any local municipality could set a positive precedent in protecting vulnerable animals, it would be Ann Arbor. The city works closely with Humane Society of Huron Valley, which is the best humane organization in Michigan and one of the top in the nation, and thanks to their hard work in educating the community, Ann Arbor is known for its compassion for animals.

Please join me to urge the Ann Arbor City Council to take the lead in protecting pets by passing an ordinance that requires pet owners to bring their pets inside in life threatening temperatures, or they risk a fine and a charge for animal cruelty. The voiceless animals need our help right now. 

Thank you

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