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Pass Breeding Regulation Ordinance

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Approximately 10,000 pets are put down in Amarillo's shelter each year.

There are better ways to control the pet population rather then killing them. Other cities have successfully done it and so could we. I do not accept killing 10,000 pets every year as the best form of animal population control. Is this the best our city can do? What do you think?

On Friday 2/20/15,  50 dogs were put down without even having a chance of getting adopted on the following Saturday. Tell me what good does it do to extend hours on Saturday if so many dogs die on Friday? NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

This is your tax money. Make your voice heard. The more the over population of unwanted animals goes up, the more money the city will need to control it!

 We need to enforce breeding regulations!  It's time to balance the equation.

Anyone wanting to breed their dog(s) within the City limits must either be recognized as an Individual Breeder or apply for a Breeding Permit.

 Below is an example of guidelines other cities have implemented.

Individual breeders are persons who own, keep, or maintain no more than two dogs or cats and wish to breed those animals. All individual breeders must acquire an unaltered pet license for each animal that the permit holder owns, keeps, or maintains, and intends to use for breeding purposes.

All hobby-kennel or hobby cattery avocation permit holders and kennel or cattery operators are required to apply for and be granted a breeding permit from the animal control department in order to breed any dog. Each individual breeder who has applied for and received a litter permit for a nominal fee as set forth in section 5-92, and whose animal has already produced one litter of puppies, is required to apply for and be granted a breeding permit from the animal control department in order to further breed his/her dog. Each person who breeds his or her animal must individually apply for and be granted a breeding permit, except in the cases of hobby-kennel or hobby-cattery avocation permit holders and individual breeders. For hobby-kennel or hobby-cattery avocation permit holders and individual breeders, a person's breeding permit shall extend to members of the permit holder's immediate family.
Each application for a breeding permit shall be accompanied by a fee set forth in the city's schedule of fees and charges and no breeding permit shall be issued until the application fee is paid.
Each breeding permit is issued to the person, not the dog, and therefore a breeding permit cannot be sold, purchased, traded, or otherwise conveyed from the person to whom the breeding permit was initially granted.
No breeding permit shall be granted to a person until the following conditions are met:The applicant has submitted the appropriate forms and fees required by the supervisor of animal control for a breeding permit.
The applicant has a space in which to breed the dogs and raise the offspring that will contain the dogs as well as provide them with safe, sanitary, and humane conditions, appropriate for breeding a specific breed, and which satisfies all applicable provisions of the Code of Ordinances and all applicable state animal welfare laws.
The department has evaluated the physical and behavioral characteristics regarding the suitability of the particular dogs to be bred.
The department may deny any application for a breeding permit if it finds that one or more of the following has occurred:The applicant has failed to appropriately license the pet to be bred.
The applicant has failed to pay the appropriate application fee.
The applicant has a history of allowing dogs to run loose or escape, or has otherwise been found to be neglectful; has had his/her dog identified as a nuisance; or has previously been determined to have violated the provisions of this chapter.
The applicant has applied for a breeding permit within the last ten months.
If the applicant refuses to allow the department to conduct such inspection, or cannot be contacted by the department to give notice of the inspection within two weeks of its initial attempt, the application shall be denied.
Up to one year after issuing the breeding permit, the department shall have the option, on one or more occasions, to inspect the premises being used for breeding purpose to ensure that the conditions required to receive a permit are continuing to be met. The department shall give the permit holder 24-hour notice of the inspection and shall conduct such inspection at a reasonable time when the permit holder or his/her representative is present.
If the permit holder refuses to allow the department to conduct such inspection, or cannot be contacted by the department to give notice of the inspection within two weeks of its initial attempt, the department will determine that the permit holder is conducting breeding activities in violation of this chapter, and the breeding permit shall be revoked.
 This section shall not affect the department's ability to conduct inspections.
Breeding permit holders and individual breeders must apply for and obtain a litter permit for every litter produced by the breeding permit holder's or individual breeder's dogs. Breeding permit holders and individual breeders should apply to the department for a litter permit before the dogs are bred. A litter permit application should be accompanied by a litter permit fee, the amount set forth in the city schedule of fees and charges. A litter permit should be applied for and granted for every litter to be produced by any animal owned, held, or maintained by the permit holder.
In the event that a permit holder or an individual breeder fails to apply for a permit before the female dog enters its gestation period, the department may issue the litter permit without penalty if it determines that the failure to acquire a permit was not in bad faith.
Individual breeders shall be required to submit an application fee of a nominal amount, set forth in the city schedule of fees and charges, in order to receive their first litter permit. Any litter permit applications beyond the first litter permit must be accompanied by the application fee set forth in the city schedule of fees and charges.

Any person found breeding dogs without the required breeding and/or litter permits shall be in violation of this chapter and shall be subject to the following penalties:

Each dog involved in illegal breeding activities shall be impounded and held until any applicable licenses are issued and the dogs may be surgically altered.
A fine of no more than $20.00 shall be imposed for each puppy that the illegal breeding activities produced.
The fines imposed under this section are in addition to any other fines that may be levied against the person under this chapter, and the person shall be responsible for costs related to impoundment, surgical alteration, or any other cost imposed by this chapter.
Again the above is just an example!

Since 1/21/2015 I have fostered 17 puppies, 12 being from our city shelter. All were less than 8 weeks old. All of them except 5 have been adopted out through a rescue. This is in a 1 month time frame. There are so many others out there who are fostering also.

Please take a moment to sign this petition. Show our Mayor and our city officials we are in need & want change! Citizens of Amarillo hold the keys for change in our community!

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