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Petitioning City of Alexandria

City of Alexandria - Put People Before Cars!

Why should Arlington and DC get all the attention? Alexandria – the original walkable city – has the chance to leap ahead in green transportation with new transit, expanded biking, and safer walking. In the process, we can improve our health, fight climate change, and prevent traffic from overwhelming the city.

Do you want more Capitol Bikeshare, safer bike lanes, walkable development, new rapid transit, and a Potomac Yard Metro station? Do you want to make sure the city puts people ahead of cars cutting through our city?

Then, please sign the petition to Alexandria officials to show your support for sustainable transportation solutions!

Letter to
City of Alexandria
We, the undersigned residents of Alexandria, support green transportation initiatives and urge our elected and appointed city officials to put people over cars when making transportation and planning decisions. We want to make sure our officials know of the widespread support for sustainable transportation policies that will help to maintain what we love about Alexandria, while making it more convenient, healthy, and energy efficient.

Green transportation policies will help us achieve the following:
• Keeping our character as we grow: With our region expected to grow by up to 1.8 million residents and Alexandria so desirable and centrally located, growth in our city is not a question of “if” but “how.” Rather than becoming overwhelmed by cars, we can offer Alexandrians and our neighbors in surrounding jurisdictions efficient and attractive transit to keep the special character that makes Alexandria home.

• Doing our part to fight climate change: 27 percent of U.S. climate change pollution is produced by the transportation sector. Creating more walkable neighborhoods and strengthening Metrorail, light rail, bus, and biking options will help us drive less and reduce greenhouse gas emissions per capita.

• Maintaining an affordable city for middle and working class families: One way to make living in Alexandria more affordable is to provide affordable transportation options like transit, and safer walking and bicycling. A car can cost over $9000 per year to own, fuel, insure, and maintain. Households can save money for rent and mortgages when it's possible to live with just one car or without one.

• Promoting healthy living: Communities with more opportunities to walk, bicycle, and use transit help residents of all ages stay healthier and reduce stress.

Specific actions our leaders can take include:
• Increasing funding for Metro and DASH bus.

• Building new rapid transit routes with dedicated lanes (as is underway on Route 1 in Potomac Yard and in the planning stage on South Van Dorn to the Pentagon and on Duke Street between the West End and Old Town).

• Building the proposed Potomac Yard Metro station to fill the big gap between the Braddock Metro and National Airport stations.

• Working collaboratively with Fairfax and Prince George's counties to add Metrorail across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, new transit down Route 1 to Fort Belvoir, and connections to Kingstowne and out Route 7 to Falls Church and Tysons Corner.

• Continuing expansion of Capital Bikeshare, adding safer bike lanes and trails, improved sidewalks and safer street crossings (with particular attention to Safe Routes to Schools).

• Fighting state efforts to divert most new transportation funding to highway expansion in the outer suburbs.

We love living in Alexandria and want to do everything possible to keep what we love about our city while ensuring an even better quality of life in coming years. By supporting the above priorities, our city officials can ensure that Alexandria – the original walkable city – becomes a regional leader in green transportation in order to improve our health, fight climate change, and prevent traffic from overwhelming the city.