Remove the Pitbull ban in my city so I can keep my dog

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I want the Pitbull banned removed from the city of Addison, because of this ban I can not keep my dog with me and it's complete bs, pitbulls are not mean and vicious like the media and ignorant people think especially when it's been proven other breeds are more aggressive especially small breeds it's not fair please help me and my kids keep our dog get this Pitbull ban removed it's not right my dog has never harmed anyone and everyone who meets him falls in love with him please help us and maybe just maybe it will help other cities and states and countries remove the Pitbull ban because of a few stupid individuals these pore dogs are being named the worst dogs ever, aggressive killers and that's not true! All I want is to keep our beloved dog and not have to break up our family and help others who have to give their dogs up becuase of some stupid city or landlord won't accept their dog because it's a Pitbull. Becuase of Pitbull bans families are being broke up pitbulls are having to keep going to shelters and be in there scared and alone until they are put down due to over crowding all because they are are Pitbull it's not right it's not fair something needs to be done! 

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