Hire a veterinarian for Abilene Animal Shelter

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In 2016 my family adopted a dog from the Abilene Animal Shelter. Upon taking her to the veterinarian for her first check up, we found that she was sick with Kennel Cough. After paying for her vet bills, we called the animal shelter to let them know what was wrong with her and what they were going to do about it. We were told they don’t staff a vet, and it’s not their problem. 

More recently, it has been brought to light that there has been a distemper outbreak in the shelter, and many animals were still adopted out and some have now passed away. Parvo has been an ongoing issue for the shelter for a while, as well as many other sickness that are being left untreated because they have not hired a veterinarian. 

This needs to change, and it needs to happen now. At risk dogs are being sponsored and taken out the shelter every week, more room is being made daily for the intake of animals. But yet they still don’t have a vet on staff? Why? What good does quarantining an animal do if they don’t know the cause of the problem? Could this distemper outbreak been offset if there had been a vet on staff to make the shelter aware of what was happening? I think so. And I hope you do to.

This petition is to let the City of Abilene know that we need a veterinarian on staff at the Abilene Animal Shelter. That it is the responsibility of the city to help take care of these poor animals when they are brought in. Raise the adoption fee if that must be done. Do what needs to be done to insure these animals are being adopted out as healthy animals, not animals going to a new home to pass away.

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