Save the Capitola treehouse

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In July my husband set out to build our two daughters a treehouse. We were under the impression that a child's playhouse did not require a permit. Once the treehouse was almost fully completed, someone called the city to complain and we were tagged and asked to stop all work. In retrospect, we should have checked with the city, and we do want acknowledge our mistake. On the other hand, we are being asked to take the treehouse down simply because we are on a corner lot and we fall under certain rules and technicalities.

Many neighbors found out about this and were upset that someone would call and take away the small amount of joy my children have been able to experience during this pandemic. It's a very beautiful treehouse and it's obvious that it was constructed very well. I've had many requests to start a petition so that the city could see all of the support we have in keeping the treehouse. 

We are more than happy to pay for any permits needed, we just need the city to agree that we can keep the treehouse. Help us save our treehouse!!

Thank you everyone for all of your support- it really means a lot to us- especially our two sweet girls.