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STOP the “Natural Gas Smell” plaguing Huntington Beach Residents

Residents across Huntington Beach, CA know it all too well.  While enjoying ocean breezes with windows open, all of a sudden you are hit with the overwhelming smell of natural gas.  You think it is coming from within the home until you go outside and realize it is just as strong.  Pretty soon you’re fighting an oncoming headache and locking yourself in the room least affected. 

Everyone in my community who has experienced this “gas attack” rushes to call the Fire Department, So Cal Gas and AQMD, all of which give different answers as to the “source” of the smell.  Some say it is coming from off-shore oil platforms, some say it is coming from the wetlands.  They all say its harmless.  My headaches tell me otherwise

Here is what we know.  Everyone who has experienced this odor describes it as, “The smell of natural gas”, also known as tert-Butylthiol which is artificially added to natural gas (which is colorless and odorless out of the ground) in order to detect gas leaks.   This would suggest these gas events are man-made, and that residents of Huntington Beach are the victims.  The residents of Huntington Beach deserve answers.

The GOAL is to FORCE ATTENTION, ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION against these GAS ATTACKS: to first identify the source and if man-made, to STOP THEM from plaguing the residents of Huntington Beach, CA with seemingly more and more frequent events.

I for one WILL NOT stand by and watch Huntington Beach turn into another Porter Ranch debacle, with falling property values and years of lawsuits.

Please sign this petition to stay involved.   As a 10 year HB resident, I plan on raising as many signatures as possible over the next several weeks and months, then taking these signatures to the City Council and the HB Environmental Board to force attention, accountability and action on the issue. 

Getting involved with this petition keeps you connected to the process, and if residents do have to make a stand against the perpetrator of these attacks, we will be organized and ready to defend our clean air rights and save our ocean breezes.

Thank you!

 Recent Press on this problem:

OC Register, October 16, 2015:  SoCal gas investigating myterious gas smell in Huntington Beach, Santa Ana

LA Times, March 17, 2016:  Mysterious offshore odor stirs concern among some Newport-Mesa residents

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