Robert Forbes killer be charged!

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Ive started this petition in hopes that we can get the man who hit Robert Forbes with his car wednesday night. around 11pm on wednesday we were marching westbound on california ave when a white male had sped up & hit robert with his car. when the police arrived they didn’t detain the man or even check on robert, instead they let that skinhead smoke two cigarettes & stand uncuffed leaned up against a truck. they released him that same night on no bail & no charges because they couldn’t find any “evidence that it was intentional” *refer to photo* does that look like an accident? report says he was going 50/60; the speed limit down california ave is 40-45. many eyewitnesses were never interviewed but all say they saw the man turn his headlights off before speeding up. Robert passed away due to the critical condition that man left him in. we have already started a fund raiser to help with expenses, but this man needs to be put in jail & charged with vehicular manslaughter. #JusticeForRobertForbes