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Justice for Pandora

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This happened in Curitiba,Brazil with Nicaele's Novais family.
her and her family went out to lunch on Sunday, March 31st, and when they arrived home, they saw the Animal Protection guards and the Angry Dog Catching Division , a total of 4 officers and a truck with a travel crate.
Pandora, a 3 year old dog lab and pit bull mix, was inside the house and the guards had a catching pole trying to catch her. Nicaele got off the car and they asked me if she was the dog’s owner, she replied “Yes”. They asked her for her I.D., because there was a complaint that her dog Pandora had jumped the fence and had bitten a boy. The family’s boy still cannot confirm if her dog has actually bit the child, and her dog did not have the habit of jumping our fence.
The guards said that Pandora needed to be taken to the pound for medical exams and to be in quarantine, and asked her to put her head in the noose of the cable. Her mother and Nicaele said they would put her in the crate, not in the noose. One guard said that it was not part of the procedure; therefore the catching pole was given back to him.
He made the noose tighter, lift Pandora with it, another officer helped him hold the cable, and threw her on the ground. When her dog hit the ground, DEAD, because she started to shake and ended up suffocating, they removed the name tag from their uniforms. Later on a statement, the guards said there was a defect with the catching pole.
One guard made a comment saying “ it was better this way, that way we did not have to shoot her, pitbulls are a danger to society.”
Their 3-old dog Pandora was killed right in front of her family and her 3 old son. Since then, he cries everyday about what happened.
On Saturday, April 5th there is going to have a protest asking for justice. Unfortunately justice is slow in Brazil, and there is very little chance for the officers to face trials or any sort of punishment.

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