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Petitioning Prescott, Arizona City Councilman Steve Blair

City Councilman Steve Blair Should Resign for Racist Comments About Children on a Mural

Recently, Miller Valley Elementary School principal Jeff Lane ordered that artists commissioned to paint a mural about green technology lighten the faces of the students depicted in the art work. The artists had used actual students from the diverse school as models, but City Councilman Steve Blair blasted the prominent depiction of a "black guy" (actually a Mexican-American student) on his talk radio show, and several members of the community protested by driving by and shouting racial epithets at the artists and students as they worked on the mural.

After protests from outraged local community members, Principal Lane apologized and stated that the mural would go back to its original version and Steve Blair was removed from his talk radio show. While these were steps in the right direction, it is an outrage that someone with openly racist views is trusted with representing the interests of a diverse community as a City Council member.

Steve Blair has hurt the image of the city he was elected to represent, and isolated members of the community who disagree with his racist and intolerant views.

Sign this petition telling Steve Blair that he should do the right thing for his city and resign.

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Letter to
Prescott, Arizona City Councilman Steve Blair
Your recent comments expressing outrage at the prominent portrayal of a non-white child on a mural at an elementary school has had enormous repurcussions on your community of Prescott, Arizona. It sparked the taunting of the artists and children working on the mural, who were subjected to angry shouting and racial epithets while they worked. It placed Prescott in the national spotlight after Principal Jeff Lane felt pressured to ask artists to lighten the faces on the mural.

Members of your community, such as former Mayor Jack Wilson, have called for your resignation from your position on the City Council. I urge you to support the community you were elected to represent as it tries to rebuild its image by issuing an apology and resigning immediately.

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