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Start this process over and do it right WITH the community and nearby property owners involvement. Re-issue the RFP!

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This is SO important because arts districts and areas like this are unique and very fragile. So-


Are you allowed to be here?

This is SO important because arts districts and areas like the Roosevelt Row are unique and very fragile. So take a minute and get the update.

This Wednesday, January 29, 2014, at 3:00 pm, Phoenix City Council will vote on a project recommended by City Staff.  The project City Staff is recommending is primarily AGE-RESTRICTED Senior Housing.  If this project is awarded, this housing built on City-Owned Land will remain AGE-RESTRICTED for 30 years due to the federal tax funding type.  The project site is located within the heart of the Roosevelt Row and Evans Churchill Arts District.   The AGE-RESTRICTION will have a negative impact on the business owners, workers, and visitors alike for ours and future generations. 

City Staff had previously postponed putting this item on the City Council agenda because the City got feedback, other than from the selection panel, that AGE-RESTRICTED Senior Housing may not be the best use for this property and that the selection process may have been flawed.  Up until this feedback, there had be no significant public or community workshops or input, as occurs on other City-backed projects.

The City requested the recommended developer go back and adjust their project so that it is not exclusively AGE-RESTRICTED Senior Housing.  It is understood that the project in front of City Council this week, will include up to 15% of the housing units as non-age restricted in an effort to accommodate “the artist” type.  15% out of 54 housing units is only 8 units. 

The type of housing we need in the Roosevelt Row Arts District is inclusive!  The people who work at the business establishments can’t afford to live near Roosevelt St.  All development, especially on City-Owned property, in our area needs to be mixed-use, mixed-income and mixed- density!  There should be no AGE RESTRICTION.   Roosevelt Row has developed into a vibrant, mixed-use and creative neighborhood.  Almost half the nights during the week, there is live music, a poet slam, or a music rehearsal.  And, it is loud.  The streets are so crowded on First and Third Friday, and it’s due to an open and inclusive attitude and labor of the people who saw something special in this place over 10 years ago.  The possibility of AGE-RESTRICTED Housing, which would be irreversible for 30 years, could so quickly undo the momentum and alter the course of our Arts District forever.

If you care about your city and you want the BEST reasonable result and return from your investment, then be heard. This is your city- you should be allowed here.  It can be wonderful and magical and Roosevelt is already that but we must also not let it be squandered at the altar of big business. 



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