Keep Project Share Rent Free

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Since 1969, Project Share has been helping those in Keene who need it most. Operating as a thrift shop for most of the year, the nonprofit uses the money it makes to host a charity drive in December called Project Santa which gives clothing, toys, and other essentials to children and families in the Monadnock Region who are down on their luck.

Recently City Manager Elizabeth Dragon, in a move that lives up to her name, decided to start charging the non-profit rent for use of the basement of the local Rec Center. As Project Share uses the money they receive throughout the year for Project Santa, they are unable to afford this and have decided to close January 31st, 2020. 

We cannot allow this to happen. Keene is better than this. We cannot allow Ms. Dragon to take away this local institution for a measly $600 per month. If Keene is hurting that bad for funds, maybe we should look at the City Manager’s pay of almost $300,000 for the year. Surely, she can afford it.