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Overturn your decision to demolish Irwindale Speedway.

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Irwindale Speedway has been around since 1999. After many years of famous and classic racing venues being systematically shutdown in Southern California, Irwindale Speedway provided a beacon of hope. Today that speedway has attracted the attention of numerous fans worldwide through the growth of the unique motorsport, drifting, over on American shores. It has cultivated and fostered a culture of diverse automotive enthusiasts. Many younger automotive enthusiasts who'd be prone to rash behavior (such as illegal street racing) have found a great outlet to express themselves and enjoy their passion in a safe setting.

The city council of Irwindale, California has opted to have this speedway demolished. As a replacement for this shining example, an outlet mall will be built instead. I doubt the outlet mall holds the same kind of uniqueness and bastion of hope that Irwindale Speedway does. 

I personally got to see my first ever drifting event in October 2010 at Irwindale. That same weekend I participated in my first "track day" at Willow Springs (another Southern California race track). Ever since, I've encouraged racing and high speed driving in safe environments. I strongly believe it possible to have a passion for cars and for being safe. Irwindale was a key part in how I looked at safety while having fun. I'm sure my family (wife and 7 month old son) appreciate the level-headedness that has kept me around to this day.

Certainly, the outlet mall will provide plenty of jobs, and lots of money for the city of Irwindale, California. But, have we all become so coporatized, so money driven that we're willing to sacrifice our identities for a buck? Are we willing to close an alternative to illegal street racing that has likely saved lives for a buck?

You don't have to be a car enthusiast to see that replacing a community's cultural icon with a "me-too!" retail space is hardly the best way to conduct affairs. Please join with enthusiasts, community members, and I as we politely ask the city council to reconsider.


Photo Credit: "IrwindaleSpeedway" by Shinku Hisaki at the English language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -



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