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Keep Minnie & Betsy At Home

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Minnie and Betsy are pet potbellied pigs who have lived peacefully with the Payne family for two and a half years.  They are loving pets and live inside the house as family members.  They are both spayed and up to date on all vaccinations.  They are litter box trained and only go outside for short periods to get fresh air, exercise, and sunshine. They bother no one and pose no kind of a nuisance.  Due to being reported and a vague ordinance unknown to the Payne’s, the City of Effingham has ordered them to be removed from their home within 30 days.

The Humane Society of the United States offered their assistance by drafting an ordinance that allowed responsible potbellied pig ownership within the city.  Other Illinois cities have adopted similar legislation to differentiate these common pets from livestock and keep them together with their families.  Instead of following the Humane Society’s lead, the city ordered the pets out of their home.

Tara & Brian are hard working tax payers who own their home.  They are completely distraught about losing their beloved pets or having to pack up their entire life and move because the city considers their pets “livestock.”   Pigs are very intelligent animals who form deep bonds. They grieve and suffer greatly when separated from their homes and families.  

Please sign this petition to ask the mayor and city council of Effingham IL to keep Minnie & Betsy at home with their family by adopting an ordinance that allows responsible ownership of potbellied pigs. Thank you so much!

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