Noise Complaints vs. Music in Midtown- Nashville TN

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Noise Complaints vs. Music in Midtown- Nashville TN

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Soulshine Pizza and other venues in the midtown Nashville area have been forced to STOP live music on their patios due to noise violations by a small contingency of people living in nearby condos. Their voices are small but ring loudly. Meanwhile hundreds of musicians, music fans, tourists and their families are being affected by the ordinance.  

Soulshine has been told they must soundproof their patio, which they are taking steps. From their Facebook post, "we are now under court order not to have any amplified music in our venue until we can completely enclose our rooftop patio so no audible noise can be heard outside."

We always thought it was the music ringing outside that made this city so special, dancing in the streets, sharing in the unity and brotherhood of our music community. 

AT BEST WE WISH TO AMEND THIS ORDINANCE. We believe that this could, and will spread if it is not eliminated now. We believe the majority of people in MUSIC CITY would agree that music is our legacy and should be preserved and supported and continue to be held in high regard. The few should not dictate the lives of so many. At the least we wish to amend/establish a workable and fair curfew. 

The musicians of midtown work hard and are a proud and talented group. They are the heart and soul of our great city. Music has and always will be important in our society, intricate to our lives, and eternal to our history. Lets make history and stop trying so hard for change and progression, our hope lies with our roots. We believe our roots are strong. We believe this is our chance to speak our minds; to quote Dylan Thomas,

"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

We celebrate our lives, we do what's in our hearts and we share our insecurities with the world. Long live music, and long live Nashville.  

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This petition had 8,128 supporters

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