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Permaganic is grateful that today, 3/4/13, we were asked to come to the table with Northpointe Group (Citirama(R)development group), and the Department of Community Development of the City of Cincinnati. We are so pleased that both parties verbally expressed their support of the Eco Garden remaining at 1718 Main St., where it has existed since 1998. We ask City Council to support these negotiations by backing Councilmember Quinlivan's "Permaganic Motion February 27 2013", with one adjustment, on our end at least : We at Permaganic, in the hopes of continuing to find positive "common ground" with the two groups mentioned, are not asking for Citirama(R) to find alternative sites for the coming development; if they are willing to work with us, we are also willing to work together to create a vision which is consensual, mutualistic, and satisfies the needs of all parties who have investment in the Hughes St. infill project. Additionally, we urge City Council to support the creation of the necessary legal structures ensuring that the Eco Garden will always be protected for use by the children of the 3 surrounding neighborhoods, and will never be sold. It is our belief that the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati would be the appropriate choice for ownership of the 1718 Main St. site, having a long-standing track record of responsible stewardship and commitment to sustaining community.

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We hope you will consider supporting Laure Quinlivan's motion, below, and with one adjustment: the Eco Garden is not asking for Community Development or Citirama(R) to find alternate sites; we are more than willing to work together to find a common consensual vision, as per our recent discussion in meeting on 3/4/13. We ask that City Council support the remaining portion of the motion, and assist the creation of a contract ensuring that the Eco Garden be maintained forever as it is, a place for the neighborhood's children, and to stay in its current location. See Permaganic Motion below:

February 27, 2013


We MOVE that the Administration incorporate the Eco Garden at 1718 Main Street into plans for CiTiRAMA 2014.

We MOVE that Administration work with OEQ, for input into the above plans.

We MOVE that Administration prepare a short list of alternate locations for CitiRama 2014 for council review.

We further MOVE that the Administration work with the Civic Garden Association and Permaganic Company to find a permanent additional, not alternative, location, so Eco Garden may expand operations elsewhere.


Within dense, urban development, greenspace is a critical component to quality of life. As the longest-running urban agriculture program in Cincinnati, Eco Garden has substantially added to the quality of life in Over the Rhine by expanding residents’ access to fresh local produce, and providing training programs for hundreds of local teenagers.

Incorporating this long-standing community asset into future development aligns with the goals of Plan Cincinnati, the Green Cincinnati Plan, and Green Umbrella Regional Sustainability Alliance to preserve high-quality greenspace and encourage infill development.

Eco Garden should be an asset, rather than an obstacle, to the development of CiTiRAMA® 2014.

Councilmember Laure Quinlivan

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