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Remove Kathy Strouse, Tracy Stevens & Other Employees to Make Way for Caring Compassionate Employees Who Would Work for The Animals

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 There have been multiple unexplained cases of dogs being euthanized at this shelter and a high rate of pitbulls or mix there of. The most recent case being the sad story of Ozzy. And once again one of our local shelters kills a dog that was wanted. Killed a dog that had funding and a foster waiting. Killed a dog because the shelter that he was unlucky enough to end up at hates pits bulls. For years Chesapeake Animal Services has been known as a slaughter house for bully breeds. Finally, some bully friendly volunteers decided to take on the task of trying to save lives at this shelter, even at the expense of thier own heartache and some dogs were lucky. A few actually made it out. This dog, Ozzy, named with love by one of the volunteers that helped him while waiting for his hold time to be up so he could go to foster, was NEVER going to get out of CAS. He was available for adoption tomorrow. So they killed him before that would be able to happen. There was even a local vet that offered her services and all she needed to get started was to see the xrays that were done on him when he was first picked up and they refused to let the xrays be seen by her or anyone else. He had people donating thousands of dollars for his care, and they refused to let him live. They will use the old shelter standby that they did it for his own good because he was in pain, but honestly, he was getting better. He was in no more pain than he had been the whole time they let him sit in his own waste waiting for someone to clean him up. No, this time that excuse will not make things ok. If this dog was a golden or a lab or anything else but a pit bull they would have been happy for the recognition of what a good shelter they are and how they go out of their way to save animals. But not this time. This boy didn't stand a chance. From the moment he was hit by a car he was doomed. From the moment he was born a black pit, he was doomed. I never met Ozzy. I loved him only through his pictures. Imagine the pain of the ones who not only met him, but cleaned him and spent time with him giving him the only thing they could, a promise for a better tomorrow. And now even that promise was taken from them. Shame on the city of Chesapeake for allowing such an atrocity to take place in theirr own city shelter. Ozzy is dead and he had people that wanted him. Imagine the heartache of the ones that sit and wait for the needle knowing no one wants them. Atleast this boy knew love from a few, but in the end, Ozzy is dead, and CAS is no better than a concentration camp for pit bull type dogs. God bless the bullys that are unlucky enough to end up picked up at Chesapeake Animal Services. We most remove Kathy Strouse, Tracy Stevens and most of the employees from power at this facility as they are the ones who are guilty of out right animal cruelty and breed discrimination. I am happy to provide more information as more employees and volunteers are coming forward each hour. Please watch the below news story link. Please sign this petition to help us show the City of Chesapeake we mean business and things need to change!  Also join and share   

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