city of Bradentons ordinance changed to keep backyard chickens (hens) as pets

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 For our right as citizens to keep pet chickens here are some facts/quality:

  • Fact- Hens do not need roosters to lay eggs they lay eggs naturally
  • Fact-They help minimize the bugs like roaches as well with other bugs
  • Quality- Your eggs are natural & organic from healthy food you feed your hens.
  • Fact-You can use their poop for soil to grow plants with other outdoor gardening takes a couple years but years fly by so you'll gain money sooner then you think

 Chickens Have to be fenced in backyard in a Coop cleaned up with no smell put there #2 in a bag like you do with your dogs poop throw away, put wheels on coop to move easily around yard, put their food up right/tightly in safe place were nothing can get in.  Now rodients they have been on earth longer than us chickens etc. so there is nothing getting around any of that they're just here no matter if you have chickens or if you dont just minimize them by doing different things to prevent them hanging around example: peppermint best way to keep rodents away they do not like the smell plus other techniques around that situation for the health and safety of the environment, plus chickens help you save money in the long run.  Chickens are not a nuisance they're not loud you give them a space where there is shade a little sun bugs/grass and sand you won't even know they are there also set a limit of 6 chickens (females) with rules to follow just like any other animal, yes they are consider a pet just like a cat or a dog is there a type of bird that's why all the other cities/counties of Bradenton/Sarasota & Palmetto have changed ordinances where you can have them on property.

  • Quality - Can feed chickens food scraps then there's no wast of food that goes to the land-field in ocean and pollute more then already is.

Chickens do make awesome pets and they deserve a chance just like mine do keep in mind I raised my girls from the age of 3 days old now its going on 3 years have had them at my house & now the city is trying to make me get rid of my chickens due to the ordinance, when I first got them them code never specified which kind of poultry you can't have back in (2016) from how ordinance is written now (2018) that's why I started this petition to fight for my pets rights to come back home to my property its not right how our rights with owning our own house has no say in all of this which we should have some kind of property protection right as citizens when we pay taxes.  But with our voices to be heard we can change the ordinance for us the people that deserves to have there pets with out a fight, MY GOAL HERE IS TO BRING OUT THE TRUE FACTS ABOUT THESE WONDERFUL Amazing Quality ANIMAL WE CALL FAMILY TO BE RECOGNIZED & most of all they are a learning experience to the environment, the children and us the adults that's why I'm reaching out for your support just by signing your name to help me get this changed for my pet chickens to come back home thank you all god bless!!!!!!

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