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Protect the Rights of Irvine Residents; Demand the City put its People *BEFORE* Developers


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UPDATE 6/13/17:  Thanks to our supporters, significant progress has been made!  The Irvine Company has proposed to move the Safari Substation to an alternative site that is acceptable to both the City of Irvine and the Spectrum 5 community (  We are now asking Southern California Edison to agree with the proposal.  Please SIGN OUR PETITION and come to the Safari Substation Public Discussion on Tuesday, 6/27/17 @ 4:00PM to show your support.  For more information, please read the Petition Updates posted below.


Call on the Irvine City Council to continue taking decisive action on behalf of the people of Irvine!

The Spectrum 5 community originally came together to stop Southern California Edison (SCE) and The Irvine Company from dropping a high-voltage electrical substation in the middle of our fully built-out community.  After nearly 1-1/2 years of petitioning the Irvine City Council and Planning Commission, we have obtained the support of the City Council.

Now both The Irvine Company and SCE are speaking to us about alternatives for the Safari Substation.  This is the kind of resident-city-utility-developer dialogue we have been asking for since the beginning.

Please sign our petition to let the City Council and City staff know that we appreciate and support their initiative in getting the Safari Substation moved to a safe and compatible location.

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