Protect the Rights of Irvine Residents; Demand the City put its People *BEFORE* Developers


Dear Citizens of Irvine and Neighboring Communities,

Help us send a clear message to our City Officials that we will not allow the City of Irvine to put developers *BEFORE* people.

We cannot let developers pressure the City to circumvent our rights by:

  • Fast-tracking and approving unlawful over-development by The Irvine Company.
  • Ignoring city zoning ordinances, permitting and land use planning procedures.
  • Failing to allow the public due process when we contest new development.
  • Holding closed door meetings with The Irvine Company and Southern California Edison (SCE) representatives instead of public hearings for the Safari Substation.
  • Denying our requests for records showing what The Irvine Company and SCE are actually doing - let’s bring back transparency to our local government.

The Irvine Company is justifying construction of thousands of high-density residential units where the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater once stood by using a 2006 environmental impact report stating that no new substation would be needed.  Yet, SCE has openly admitted that the Safari Substation is in fact needed to power those units.

So why are The Irvine Company and SCE trying to force construction of the 2.48 acre high-voltage Safari Substation several miles away, within our Spectrum 5 business community without proper permits, an up-to-date environmental impact report, and public participation or input?

The Substation must be placed in a location that is best for all parties.

The public must be allowed to actively participate in what happens within our communities.

You can join this fight by signing our petition (scroll up):

What Is A Substation?

A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system that transforms voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions.  Substations can range from metal housings several feet high, to ones that span acres.

See also:

The Safari Substation will encompass 2.48 acres and will be the second largest substation in Irvine.

Why Are We Concerned?

  1. This Safari Substation does not serve the needs of any existing residential or commercial properties in Spectrum 5.  Instead, the Substation is being constructed to provide electricity for the planned Los Olivos Phase 2 project.  According to state environmental regulations, it is unlawful for a major electric utility to be built in a non-benefited location due to the substantial burden it would cause.

    a.  These business owners were not informed of the possibility of a substation being built in their community (or even next door) when they purchased their businesses.

    b.   Insurance companies will have "just cause" to deny insurance or raise premiums drastically due to the existence of the substation.

    c.   Spectrum 5 property values near the planned substation and surrounding areas have significantly dropped, and many affected businesses have responded by fleeing the Spectrum 5 area.

  2. The Irvine Company and SCE’s substation deal violated the Spectrum 5 CC&Rs, city zoning ordinances, land use planning and permit procedures, state and city environmental review procedures, and our right to a public hearing and review process on this matter.  Further, SCE purposely avoided participating in the local land use process and thus robbed the Planning Commission of the opportunity to review the Safari Substation.

    The Irvine Company & SCE must participate in that process, like every other applicant in this City.

  3. The Safari Substation site is squeezed tightly between several existing businesses employing hundreds of people, with only ten feet between them and the substation. The site is also near  several places of worship, a child care facility, and residential neighborhoods.  This will be the first time in Irvine's history an electrical substation is built within an existing community instead of being isolated safely away from developed communities.

    Imagine what will happen to us when a fire or explosion occurs at the substation!

  4. If the City allows the substation to go forward as-is, the City will signal to developers that they can seize control of the future design, planning, and development of our communities while ignoring our concerns.  We must send a message to our elected officials: They cannot trade our constitutional rights as voting residents, job-making businesses, tax-paying property owners, and hard-working citizens in return for favors from developers and monied interests.

    The Safari Substation represents developer overreach that CANNOT be allowed to shape the future of Irvine. 

How Can We Fight Back?

  1. Ensure the City will enforce its zoning codes, ordinances, and land use regulations for Spectrum 5.
  2. Ensure the Safari Substation will be relocated to a more suitable site.
  3. Inform the public of irresponsible and unlawful conduct by The Irvine Company, SCE, and the City of Irvine.
  4. Re-establish Irvine as the "pro-people" city it once was, benefiting its residents, businesses, and taxpayers.

What You Can Do Right Now:

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  2. Make phone calls, send emails, and mail letters to Irvine City Hall.  For a list of officials and their contact information, please visit .

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  4. Attend City Council and Planning Commission Meetings to voice your support:

    Irvine City Council Meetings
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    Irvine Planning Commission Meetings
    1st & 3rd Thursday each month @ 5:30 PM

    City Hall, City Council Chamber
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