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Allow Backyard Chickens Within Fort Saskatchewan City Limits

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I am petitioning the Fort Saskatchewan City Council to start an urban backyard chicken keeping pilot project similar to the one started by the City of Edmonton in 2014. You can learn about the City of Edmonton's Urban Hens Pilot Project here:

I feel that residents within City limits should have the right to grow their own food, even if it is on a much smaller scale. This food should include fruits, vegetables and meat. Raising backyard chickens to produce eggs as a nutrient rich protein source is as important as growing our own organic fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of raising a small flock of backyard hens include:

  • Fresh eggs - because you know what you are feeding your own chickens, you will be provided with eggs that have a greater nutrition content then from chickens that were fed with engineered antibiotic crops. And they will be fresh...just footsteps from your door! Not from the grocery stores where they have been shipped and sitting on a shelf in a cooler for long periods of time.
  • Education value - you and your family will learn about chickens, keeping them healthy, and where your food actually comes from. You will also learn about self sustainability.
  • Free fertilizer - your gardens will thank you for the nutrient rich compost your chickens will of charge!
  • Chemical free pest and weed control - having your chickens free range for periods of time during the day will cut down on pests and weeds in your garden. Chickens love to dine on all sorts of insects and they love a treat of dandelions whenever they can find them.
  • Cut down on your food waste in the landfills - chickens love kitchen scraps. They will eat pretty much anything from vegetable and fruit scraps to left over oatmeal and even scrambled eggs.
  • Social aspect - people love to watch and learn so let them watch and learn from you and your experience with raising a backyard chicken flock. Meet your neighbors and create friendships!
  • It's fun! - chickens are smart, entertaining and social. Kids and adults alike will enjoy spending time and getting to know their flocks antics.

If you would like to keep a flock of backyard chickens or you would support a neighbor raising a small flock of their own, please sign this petition and lets convince our City of Fort Saskatchewan Council to start our own pilot project. It is not only a good decision but a smart decision for this great City.

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