Petition Closed

Seniors and other Taxpayers depend on the Dog Park as a Social Activity for themselves and their dogs. There is no area provided in Brigantine to exercise their dogs. No notice was given to paying members before closing their park, which has been in existence at a temporary site since 2008. Please support our Seniors and their Dogs!

The City Council agreed to restore a dog park, however, the funding and the location of the new park is still unresolved. We are still facing some opposition on the location of the new park.  The area we have chosen has  been used in part by some of the sports teams and they are reluctant to share the space with us, even through we have the support of the community.  It's an uphill battle for people and their pets!

Letter to
City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal
Mayor Philip Guenther - Mayor
City Council Andrew Simpson
and 5 others
City Council Joseph M. Picardi
City Council Rick DeLucry
City Council Tony Pullella
City Council Lisa McClay
City Council Frank Kern
Please work to get the new Dog Park opened for the people who need a space to exercise their pets! Thank you!