Support of Rezoning Vacant Anderson’s Market for a Midwest Shooting Indoor Range

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Collecting signatures to be presented to the Sylvania City Clerk in support of Rezoning the long vacant Anderson’s Market into a new indoor shooting range.  

Indoor shooting ranges are well insulated with acoustic measures to reduce noise pollution, and use modern ventilation and  filtration systems to reduce any potential inhalation danger. Ranges are set up to minimize any chance of ricochet and over shooting with effective backstops, marked shooting lanes, and stops.  Furthermore, the criminality rate for licensed gun owners is well below the average population.  Gun ranges are safety vigilant.

The tax revenue from converting a vacant building into a  high traffic  venue will benefit our community.  The potential  commercial revenue to our local businesses from patrons frequenting from all over NW Ohio and SE Michigan will benefit our community.   Finally,  Gun education and training will greatly benefit our community.

There is no defined evidence to suggest that a shooting range will increase violence in our community despite the opposition’s claims. In fact, gun safety education and good discipline often discourages it. Thank you for Your support.