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Stop Selling products promoting Drunken Sexual Violence

As well as selling porn themed tshirts, City Beach also sell products that promote and glorify drunken sexual violence. The tshirt 'Drink F@#! Fight' by designer brand 187 Inc is a frequent feature in City Beach, and is also featured on wallets and stubby holders. These products feature a tattooed woman in skimpy underwear with a torn crop top exposing most of her breasts, along with the phrase 'drink fck fight' and images of alcohol bottles.

Equally disturbing, is that the term '187' is in fact a slang term for the crime of murder.

"It refers to Section 187 of the California Penal Code, which defines the crime of murder. The number "187" has been used by gangs throughout the United States as a synonym for murder; this usage has been reported as far away as Florida[1], Wisconsin[2] and even the United Kingdom[3]."



We have very specific laws in our society against intoxication and abuse, yet 187 and City Beach constantly glorify the notion of drunken sexual violence. This is not an acceptable message to be sending to young men and women.

I am currently searching for a direct email contact for 187 Inc and will add that as soon as possible.

Please sign this petition and share widely with your friends to ask City Beach to stop promoting drunken sexual violence in their stores!



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