Save Paradise Hill - Create Sal Castro Park

Save Paradise Hill - Create Sal Castro Park

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NELA Save Our Undeveloped Lands started this petition to City and County of Los Angeles

This petition is in support of the preservation of the 30-acre natural hillside and California Black Walnut groves behind Lincoln High School, known to the community as Paradise Hill, and to create a park in honor of the legendary Lincoln Heights educator and activist Sal Castro.

Supporters of this petition are asking that elected officials access publicly available funding, including Prop 68, Measure A, and other sources to acquire the 30-acre open hilltop on Paradise Hill, for the purposes of restoring it and establishing a public park. The land is currently zoned for light agriculture and should remain so for the benefit of the community.

The community has surfaced the idea to dedicate this land as Sal Castro Park, in order to honor the legacy and education reform that this teacher, humanitarian and Chicano Rights Movement leader had when he led the historic Walkouts at Lincoln High School and in East Los Angeles in 1968. The vision is to preserve this natural space behind the high school as an enduring legacy of health, education, environmental justice, and pride of local heritage for this deserving

Paradise Hill is the last large open green space accessible to Lincoln Heights in CD1. The land straddles Rose Hills in CD14 and is positioned between two historically park poor communities. State and county public park funding has not been spent in North East LA, despite the overwhelming need and equal rights of the community to open space and parkland compared to the privileged West Side. We have the highest air pollution, the highest rates of asthma, and the highest rate of COVID-19. We know that communities of color such as ours are more affected by COVID because of lack of resources and access to public space for recreation
and health.

The restoration of Paradise Hill and dedication as Sal Castro Park will:
• Provide the native tree canopy that keeps neighborhood temperatures cool.
• Provide habitat for indigenous flora and fauna and food chain pollinators.
• Protect the Native American Kizh-Gabrielino “Otsungna” AB52 Sacred Land Claim.
• Restore indigenous medicinal plants such as Rosa Californica which treats cancer.
• Comply with the Los Angeles Baseline Hillside Ordinance.
• Provide much needed green space in two historically park poor communities.
• Clean the high levels of smog and pollutants in Lincoln Heights which has the third
dirtiest air in LA County, according to a USC study.
• Provide opportunities for student internships at the Lincoln High School Roots for Peace
horticulture program.
• Provide opportunities for field trips for all the grammar school students in Lincoln
Heights in CD1 and for all the grammar school students in the 90032 in CD14.
• Provide open space for everyone to get outdoors, an important health resource
during the Covid19 pandemic and for perpetuity.

We are committed to oppose any development plan on Paradise Hill that does not integrate environmental conservation, public health and indigenous sovereignty.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!