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Petitioning City and County of Denver Zoning Board of Adjustments

Keep Sunnyside Farm while approving Common Grounds zoning @ 2139 W 44th Ave

Common Grounds Coffeehouse will be moving from their location at 32nd and Lowell to their coffee roasting building at 44th & Vallejo. Feed Denver: Urban Farms & Markets has operated an urban farm and market in the empty lot at this location since 2011.

Due to recent zoning updates - although 2139 W. 44th Avenue is zoned for mixed use commercial - the board of adjustments is holding a hearing reviewing that the building, built in the 60s is outside of current standard placement, will have outside seating, and has an urban farm utilizing outside empty lot space that could be used for a few parking spaces.

This farm and its nonprofit community based organization has been operating in this location since 2011 and has served the community with a natural gathering place, an ultra-local food market, and a center for good food education.

We ask the Board of Adjustment to please allow the urban farm to stay in this location to continue providing fresh local food to the neighborhood while approving the relocation of Common Grounds which has served the city of Denver as a community center and local business for more than 21 years.

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  • City and County of Denver Zoning Board of Adjustments

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