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Tony Jannus Commemorative Stamp Petition

Tony Jannus was the first one to set records for passenger flight time, overwater distance flight and piloted the first successful parachute jump, as well as the first one who held a federal airline license. He left a legacy of innovative spirit, entrepreneurship, pioneering vision, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

As a result of his contributions, over 2.3 billions passengers and 41 million tons of cargo are handled annually worldwide today. Nationally, passenger revenues exceed $800 million, while civic aviation total economic activity exceeds 1.3 trillion and generates 12 million jobs.

Aviation historians and enthusiasts have recognized Tony Jannu's achievements for decades as is evident in the award that bears his name. In 1964, the Tampa and St. Petersburg Chambers of Commerce established the Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society. the society awards outstanding individuals in the aviation industry with the Tony Jannus award every year since 1964.

Although many have recognized Tony Jannus for his accomplishments, his historic presence has yet to be commemorated with an official United States stamp. It is of particular meaning and importance that such an honor be granted for the centennial of the first commercial flight in 1914.

Please join the Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society (TJDAS) in requesting this special recognition for Tony Jannus and the world's first airline.

You can help us in a couple of ways:

1) Sign the Tony Jannus Commemorative Stamp petition. You can have access to the petition at the Annual Tony Jannus Award Banquet and at

2) Write a letter to the U.S. Portal Service Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee supporting the petition. These letters must be received by TJDAS no later than June 15, 2012. You can see a sample letter and discussion points on the Tony Jannus website. Please address your letter to :

Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee
C/O Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society
P.O. Box 10934
Tampa, FL, 33679

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