Support the revision of the Pit Bull Ordinance in Liberal Kansas.

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The revision of the Pit bull ordinance in this community is a much needed thing because of the absolute vagueness and violation of the 14th amendment and several other amendments that we as citizens have rights to and are being violated everytime an animal control officer tries to seize any dog that they deem to have similar characteristics of a pit bull, American Stafford shire terrier or Stafford shire Bull Terrier. This ordinance is so vaguely unjust and allows the city of Liberal to to target not only Pit Bull owners, but any breed of dog that has a certain head shape, jaw structure,  color pattern and muscular build which includes American bulldogs, American Bullys, Boxers, boxer mixes, mastiffs and mastiff mixes and any dog that the non animal expert dog catchers see fit to label as a pit bull. This means that every year large numbers of dogs that have absolutely nothing to do with the American Pit Bull Terrier are forced out of their homes away from families that love their pets whole heartedly because of his/her color pattern, head shape or physique, put to sleep without any dangerous incident and the owners are forced to pay large fines and even thrown in jail simply because of the way the dog looks. These dogs don't have to commit a vicious act, bite someone or merely bark at someone and they're put to death and or forced to be surrendered or gotten rid of, meanwhile the breeds of dogs that lead this city in animal attacks statistically like the German Shepard, Rottweiler, lab mixes, chihuahuas and others are dealt with on an incidental basis. No one should have to go through the stressful headache of spending money on an attorney when they have proof from REAL ANIMAL EXPERTS like the local veterinarian and legit registration paperwork from real dog registries that have been around since the 1800s, made up of real breeders and experts that say these dogs that are being labeled as Pit Bulls are not Pit Bulls. Not 1 citizen of this community should ever be thrown in jail for any amount of time because of the way their family dog looks if in fact that dog hasn't caused harm to anyone and there is no incident. The commissioners and the city want to keep the ban on Pit Bulls, but as Commissioner Carlisle stated, if they're going to keep it then it needs to be revised and tightened up where Pit Bulls and Pit Bull owners are the only ones targeted, and not all these other breeds and mix bred dogs can be labeled as Pitbulls and subject to the cruel and unusual punishment dished out by the city. There are several breeds of dogs that carry significant characteristics of the Terrier group and are a complete different group of dogs so to judge a dog by its looks rather than its behavior is completely unfair, unjust, unconstitutional and outright ignorant on all levels. In signing this petition we can get a revision of the ordinance in place that violates our Constitution and put an end to the persecution of innocent pets and the parents that work hard in raising their families and kids to be productive members of society that are told you owe this city thousands of dollars because of the breed of dog you like, the way it looks or the color pattern it has and on top of that your going to jail even though the dogs done nothing wrong whatsoever other than be born with a certain physical characteristic. There's absolutely nothing logically idealistic about this when there is real crime on the rise here in this community from the growing methamphetamine epidemic.