I will personally no longer call Brookside Hill "SUICIDE HILL"

I will personally no longer call Brookside Hill "SUICIDE HILL"

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Started by Alyvia Elliott

For decades Brookside Park and namely Brookside Hill as been referred to by the common moniker "Suicide Hill". While Brookside Park is the official name, Suicide Hill is what comes up in location tags on social media and the most common name for the popular sledding hill from people not only in Brookside but all over Kansas City.

My children and I live directly at the bottom of Brookside Hill and ask that you make a personal and family commitment to stop using the term Suicide Hill. Not only is personally offensive since suicide took the life of my children's father and my husband in April of 2019, it also belittles a life-shattering thing into a something seemingly fun, like a scary sledding hill. 

My husband Dustin took our kids and neighborhood kids sledding every winter. It was one of his favorite activities. Our goal is by first sleddable snowfall this winter we are using the correct term for Brookside Hill or make up a new more acceptable term for our beloved sledding hill. 

We would love this to be an education for our children and each other on why word's matter and the impact that can have. 

Thank you for your support in signing this petition,

Alyvia, Henry, Amelie and Teddy (and Hattie our doggy who loves the hill especially)



829 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!