#JusticeForSadhus : A Petition See Justice for the Sadhus lynched in Palghar (Maharashtra)

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Dear responsible citizens of my country,

On 16th of April, 2020, two Sadhus (monks) were returning from Palghar district (Maharashtra) along with their driver in an SUV (with legitimate permission by the Govt. of Maharashtra). On their path, they encountered a frantic mob of 300 brutes in the guise of civilians who first stopped their car, turned the vehicle topsy-turvy and began stone-pelting at them, and at the end, lynched all three people in front of the police as the cops handling the situation acted like mute spectators of an Italian opera.

However, our "secular" news media has not shown any concern, nor have they reported it even for once. It is only a handful of news channels (such as Republic TV, Zee News, ABP News etc.) who have been kind enough to report it. Arnab Goswami, the Editor in Chief of Republic Media Network, has quit Editors Guild of India in disgust to the pindrop silence of the media fraternity.

Although the Government of Maharashtra has taken only a handful of people in custody, the main culprits and the propagators of this pre-planned mob lynching are roaming free like lions. The police administration of the state has been very lazy and inactive so far, although there has been a nation wide protest, demanding justice for the Sadhus. 

At first, the heinous crime shivered the nerves of the nation, and now, this utter silence & inactivity have aggrieved their national sentiments of peace-loving responsible citizens of India.

This petition seeks:

1) Arrest & court trials of the main culprits post-lockdown.

2) Punishment for the mob (irrespective of religious / political identities)

3) Resignation of the police cops & speedy trial of them too.

4) An affirmation from the Police Administration as well as the state government of Maharashtra that no such incidents will further take place.

5) Justice for the Sadhus.

* NOTE: This petition is absolutely apolitical. It does not favour or demean any particular religious community. It is only about the human rights of Sadhus (who are just as good citizens as we are).