Petition Closed
Petitioning Emergency Manager, City of Detroit Kevin Orr

Citizens of Detroit: Join us in calling for Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to resign.


Sign our petition at and show that Detroiters, and all who support our great city, will not be insulted and demeaned by the self proclaimed “benevolent dictator.” Mr. Orr’s recent comments in an interview with the Wall Street Journal stating, “For a long time the City was dumb, lazy, happy and rich.“ were arrogant and callous. It is, without apology, possessing no sensitivity or a concern for the very people he has been “selected” to so-called manage.


Letter to
Emergency Manager, City of Detroit Kevin Orr
Orr, you must go! You cannot effectively restructure Detroit when you do not respect Detroit. Your disrespect and vile contempt for the citizens of Detroit expressed in your Wall Street Journal comments were callous and arrogant. For you to reference Detroiters as dumb, lazy, happy and rich, is a euphemism that bespeaks of a lack of integrity, character, and diplomacy on your behalf. It is a sheer reflection of you, the Governor of this State, its office, and its outstanding commonwealth.

This statement has absolutely misrepresented Detroit's history, its diverse communities; White, African American, Arab, Jew, Latino, Asian and others, including workers and retirees, with a negative disposition about the many hard working citizens of Detroit. Therefore, Mr. Orr, your behavior and comments regarding the City of Detroit has rendered you morally unfit to both manage the City of Detroit and represent the Governor of the State in the capacity of Emergency Manager. It is therefore beneficial and unifying for the Citizens of Detroit, that you resign from your duties. Mr. Orr, Detroit is better than that!