Get Rid of the GST

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GST was legislated in 1991...                                                                                        The Liberals, under John Chretien, blatantly lied regarding their election promise to get rid of the GST.  Certainly GST is such a large universal issue that all Canadians should have been given the opportunity to hey or nay it at the ballot box.  Regardless, now it is time there is a national debate assessing the history of GST's true effect on Canada.  The impact of now 28 years of GST on the economy and people's lives are in the is time for GST transparency.                             

The current political parties should be sternly confronted with this "people's rights issue" in respect to initiating a "national debate on GST" within Canada with the intent of placing the matter on a ballot within their elected tenor of four years. 

This could be the Canada's "GSTxit" and move to taxation condition that requires approval by the electorate.    

Basically over this 28 year period, CRA has managed to destroy thousands of businesses, and has seized millions of dollars, if not trillions, of business assets. Often their seizures exceed the purported claim, and businesses are left without the financial means to defend themselves, they are forced to capitulate conseeding their innocence.  Much of the personal and business devastation would be found within the statistics, which CRA is hesitant to release, as is the government of the day.  People's lives have been permanently altered, families dissolved, and suicides have resulted...but all of this carnage is withheld from the general public.  It is these statistics the people have a right to know, and as noted above...the issues surrounding GST and CRA actions hugely impact Canadian life, therefore the implication of GST must be subject to a national debate and ultimately placed on a battot...for the people to decide.