Outlaw this corrupt politics and ensure road safety in Bangladesh!

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All of us are well aware of the current situation in our motherland.
Everytime I scroll a bit I find a sorrowful post or a video related to this inhuman activities going on in Bangladesh, I see a kid holding a poster written - " m i next? ". I see a sisters blood leaking right from head!
I see a corrupt politician say these kind of road accidents are normal!
I see, we see, all of us sees! But what do we do? Just keep scrolling through our feeds and update downhearted status? that's it? hashtag news operators, that's it? They can only cover the news, but cannot outlaw this injustice if we ourselves don't take a step forward!

The news of inhuman behavior with them shattered my heart into pieces �This is not how we want to see our country, IT SHOULD STOP! it's rediculous and unacceptable!

We want justice. Not anymore for the two students who were killed by the bus, not for the streets, but for the students now in hospitals, the students missing, for the reports of murder, for the reports of rape.We the people of Bangladesh demand justice and nothing more. Of those innocent students who took the responsibilty of a traffic police, who started checking vehicle license, are they suppose to be doing this? Shame on our government.

The mobile internet has been cut off. Broadband maybe next. Facebook is yet to be blocked real soon! This cannot stop us, we are bengalis and got the blood of fighting injustice as we did in 1952,1971! They might be able to stop social media strike in Bangladesh, now it's our responsibilty as we live outside, let's all sign together, share as much as possible and be proud to be a part of a hopeful change  <3

If they the young student's of Bangladesh can protest in roads for the justice! At least we can sign a petition and try to stop this upcoming civil war!



On 29th of July 2018 school going students were killed by a reckless bus driver. The students protested with slogans on the same bus stand.

All students of Bangladesh are protesting for safer roads and more strict regulations.

Their intention was never to harm even a single person. Neither it is now.

But today POLICE AND PEOPLE OF BANGLADESH CHATRO LEAGUE tortured students with tear shell. They are beating students brutally and raping the female students. The students are trying to defend themselves with sticks and tree branches that they've found on the streets.

4 students have been murdered and other 4 female students have been raped, many more have been injured severly. And the Government is sitting there silent.



#BBC #CNN #AlJazeera #StopRoadAccidents #SafeRoadsForAll#WeWantJustice #BBC #CNN #SkyNews #CCBM #AlJazeera #Telegraph#TheSun #DailyMail #TheGuardian #NewYorkTimes #NatGeo #NasDaily#NasDailyGlobal #ProjectNightFall #AlArabia #EuroNews #NBC#we_want_justice we ask you to please get some media coverage about this matter, since none of the local media channels are being allowed to do so.