Justice for Sushanth Singh Rajput- Regulate the film industry, stop nepotism

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Sushanth Singh Rajput's death is a huge blow. The media vilifying him with reports of the causes of his depression in a tasteless way and the industry chiming in on spreading it are equally responsible. We want them held accountable. Was it murder or was it suicide?

Sushanth's death has reopened an old debate of nepotism that started on the sets of Koffee with the Karan. Why hasn't there been a change in the industry? The tin idols continue to get glorified and the actually talented get edged out despite their talent, popularity, and artistry. 

The old boys club ( KJO, Kareena Kapoor, Salman, SRK and their likes) sit around spreading gossip, clamor with their kith and kin grabbing and casting for roles like hyenas and smear and tarnish the ones they consider lowly and not at par purely because of their backgrounds, journey and merely for the status that they are outsiders

The RIP posts are a shammery and a pitiful attempt at honoring his death. He lived a full life with exploring Astro-science, spirituality, and pushing to his potentials. Now to peg his death to depression is the biggest crime of all. They led him there and left him there

It wasn't suicide- The industry people killed him #BanKaranjohar #bankareena #Bansalman

#JusticeforSushanthSinghRajput #equalityforoutsiders #reformthefilmindustry #banthebullies