Support a Vibrant Downtown Brunswick - Fix the Railroad Grade Crossing Madness

Support a Vibrant Downtown Brunswick - Fix the Railroad Grade Crossing Madness

August 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amilynn Adams

On August 4, 2022, we got lucky. A train smashed a lumber truck and an innocent pickup truck at the CSX South Maple Avenue grade crossing in our fair City of Brunswick, Maryland. We were lucky that no one was killed and out historic station barely damaged from the grade crossing collision. 

We all knew this was going to happen with the ridiculously lengthy delays at these grade crossings as CSX builds and breaks down trains stretching over 2 miles in length. The frequency with which CSX makes up these massive trains have vastly exceeded the original design of the grade crossings on South Maple Avenue. They may have worked fine when the B&O was running steam locomotives and was the primary economic driver of our City, but they don’t work any longer and the B&O is no more. 

CSX yard operations cause frequent 2+ hour blockages for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Not only is this a safety hazard, it’s a serious economic impediment to the revitalization of downtown Brunswick. Brunswick has been blessed with abundant outdoor recreation opportunities from our location on the Maryland side of the Potomac River. This resource is what draws people to spend time and money in Brunswick. The train blockages is what ensures the people that come (and their friends) don’t return.  

We need our local, State and Federal representatives to work with CSX, MDOT, and FRRA and convince them to provide safe crossing via permanent overpasses for cars, pedestrians, commuters, cyclists, campers, and other outdoor recreational enthusiasts to provide a safe and consistent means for river access which will support a vibrant and prosperous downtown Brunswick.

So, sign this petition:

- because traffic congestion at grade crossings caused by CSX blockages are literally going to kill someone. 
- to express your frustration and concern for the safety of our fellow citizens,
- to show that being a railroad town doesn’t mean we have to be railroad hostages,
- to demand construction of permanent overpasses instead of grade crossings that have outlived their design life and are just too hazardous,
- because Brunswick spans BOTH SIDES of the CSX right away and the town needs to have unencumbered access to itself.
- because downtown Brunswick’s economic recovery depends on unfettered access to commuter rail, 84 Lumber, the campground, boat ramp, the towpath, and all the natural beauty and sources of recreation of the Potomac. 

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Signatures: 183Next Goal: 200
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