We strongly support modernization at LAX, including certain key improvements to the airfield, the passenger terminals, and ground transportation systems...without expansion into neighboring communities. Please sign this petition and let your local elected officials know of your support of Alternatives 2 and 9!

Alternatives 2 & 9 are the smart choices to build a world-class airport while protecting neighboring communities from Westchester and Venice to Culver City and Inglewood, and from the San Fernando Valley and Brentwood to the South Bay, and to promote a much needed regional approach to LA’s aviation traffic.  Alternative 2 rebuilds and modernizes the northern terminals and runways without the reconfiguration of the north runway, for a third of the cost and without the construction and environmental nightmares that occur with the dramatic revision of LAX that is proposed under Alternative 1. Alternative 2 was selected in LAWA’s EIR as the “Environmentally Superior Alternative” and is safe, operationally efficient, and environmentally responsible. Alternative 9 favors a MetroRail/LAX connection that will enhance regional access to/from LAX.

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Letter to
L.A. City Council Member Paul Krekorian
Representative Henry Waxman
State Senator Ted Lieu
and 26 others
Representative Karen Bass
L.A. City Council Member Mike Bonin
L.A. City Council Member Gilbert Cedillo
L.A. City Council Member Bob Blumenfield
L.A. City Council Member Nury Martinez
L.A. City Council Member Felipe Fuentes
L.A. City Council Member Curran D. Price, Jr.
L.A. City Council Member Mitch O'Farrell
Mayor, City of Los Angeles Hon. Eric Garcetti
Supervisor, Count of Los Angeles The Honorable Zev Yaroslavsky (Supervisor, Count of Los Angeles)
State Senator Roderick Wright
Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Dianne Feinstein
L.A. City Council Member Tom Labonge
L.A. City Council Member Paul Koretz
L.A. City Council Member Bernard Parks
L.A. City Council Member Herb Wesson
L.A. City Council Member Mitch Englander
L.A. City Council Member Jose Huizar
L.A. City Council Member Joe Buscaino
Supervisor, Count of Los Angeles The Honorable Mark Ridley Thomas
Supervisor, Count of Los Angeles The Honorable Don Knabe
Supervisor, Count of Los Angeles The Honorable Mike Antonovich
Representative Maxine Waters
Representative Janice Hahn
Supervisor, Count of Los Angeles The Honorable Gloria Molina (Supervisor, Count of Los Angeles)
I support the modernization of Los Angeles International Airport without the proposed moving of the north runways. The north runways are able to handle all current aircraft including but not limited to the Airbus A380. The most recent safety study of the north runways by NASA indicated that the current configuration is "extremely" safe and that moving the north runway further north would not significantly increase safety.

I endorse a combination of Alternative 2 and Alternative 9 that will modernize landside operations and airport operations by creating a state-of-the-art passenger facility and transportation system. These alternatives will redound to the benefit of the City of Los Angeles and surrounding communities by bringing approximately $10.5 billion in investment capital and create much needed employment opportunities.

The DEIR supports my position and states that Alternative 2 is superior to all others in providing airport operational efficiency as well as being environmentally superior insofar as air quality and reducing environmental impacts are considered. Alternatives 2 and 9 provide the most affordable design options that will meet current and future LAX capacity needs as well as the safe operation of all aircraft at LAX.

Rather than move the north runway, we respectfully urge you to support the installation of critical technologies on the north runways, which, according to the NASA Study will cut by 87.6% the risk of runway collisions and incursions. These technologies are currently in use on the south runways and include AMASS (Airport Movement Safety System), ASDE-X (Airport Surface Detection Equipment, Model X), and Runway Status Lights (RWSL).

Alternative 1 is costly, environmentally unsafe and and unpopular choice. The large majority of homeowners and local business owners do NOT support Alternative 1 but welcome the modernization of LAX as proposed in Alternative 2. LAX renders the first impression that travelers have when arriving in our great city. Alternatives 2 and 9 will provide a welcoming, modernized and revitalized airport experience for domestic and international travelers visiting Los Angeles without sacrificing our community.