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Vince Ryan's Feb 2012 investigative report confirmed that Harris County employees, under Dawn Blackmar's direction repreatedly violated several Texas state humane laws.   This facility has a sky high kill rate of 83% and routinely treats animals inhumanely. 

Citizens are still waiting for Harris County officials to enact justice including prosecution of violations of state law and dismissal of Dawn Blackmar.

Letter to
Assistant County Attorney Mimi Han
Harris County Commissioner Precinct #2 Jack Morman
Harris County Judge Ed Emmett
and 5 others
Harris County Commissioner Precinct #4 R. Jack Cagle
Harris County District Attorney Patricia Lykos
Harris County Commissioner Precinct #1 El Franco Lee
Harris County Commissioner Precinct #3 Steve Radack
Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan
Vince Ryan's Feb 2012 investigative report confirmed that Harris County employees, under Dawn Blackmar's direction repreatedly violated several Texas state humane laws.

First, state law mandates that "Injection [of sodium pentobarbital] shall be conducted in an area out of public view and out of the view of another animal; additionally, the carcass of any animal(s) shall be removed from the euthanasia area prior to a live animal(s) entering that area."

The Harris County Attorney's report confirmed and photos shown to you and on Fox 26 news (, confirmed that this law has been violated on numerous occasions at Harris County animal control.

Second, state law also mandates that "When using any of the allowable methods of euthanasia, each animal must be monitored between the time euthanasia procedures have commenced and the time death occurs, and the animal's body must not be disposed of until death is confirmed by examination of the animal for cessation of vital signs. "

Former Harris County AC employee, Cathy Schuermann told Commissioners and Fox 26 news that she found a Chow alive in a freezer. He had clawed his way out of the trash bag and he had been there at least 24 hours. It is evident that no one confirmed the cessation of vital signs on this dog. It is clear that this law is also being violated at Harris County animal control.

In addition, after surviving an attempt to kill him and surving in a freezer for 24 hours, this dog had an adopter willing to take him. But Dawn Blackmar ordered him killed (again) instead. ( This behavior is unacceptable to citizens.

Third, the Harris County Attorney's report confirmed that heart sticks were used on fully conscious dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Not only is this horribly inhumane, this is in clear violation of state law as well.

Citizens and voters expect that YOU Harris County elected officials will take appropriate actions to enact justice which includies dismissing Blackmar and filing criminals charges.

In addition to breaking state law, this facility has a Save Rate of only 17%. This is totally unacceptable considering that more than 30 Open Admission animal control facilities across the United States have Save Rates of 90% - 96%.

Citizens will be watching your actions or inaction and we vote.