Reinstate SHS Band Director Carl Benevides.

Reinstate SHS Band Director Carl Benevides.

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Those who care about the music program at Souhegan High School

Why this petition matters

We, the parents of Souhegan High School students, current and former students, and others who care deeply about the music program at Souhegan High School are petitioning the Souhegan High School administration to:

  • Reexamine the circumstance surrounding Carl Benevides’ dismissal
  • Suspend the recruiting effort for a substitute replacement
  • Reinstate Carl Benevides to his position

Our current understanding for the justification for Carl’s dismissal is that he took two air purifiers to his home over the summer for maintenance and testing (as he does with thousands of dollars of music equipment every summer to the benefit of the school). It is also our understanding that when asked about the location of a single purifier, he readily stated he had it at home; and when school leadership asked for Carl to bring the purifier back, he brought both back the very next day. This event, that should have been viewed as a trivial matter, instead has caused a serious disruption in our students' education this year. It is also impacting their preparation for upcoming events and experiences, including college applications and more.

It is Carl’s standing as a mentor, director, and well-connected practicing musician that brings a level of gravitas and respect to the SHS music department unmatched by surrounding schools. For twenty-one years he has invested immeasurable amounts of his personal time, equipment, and energy into making the SHS music program one of the most professional and reputable in New Hampshire. Nowhere will you find someone with the credentials, competence, experience, connections or dedication at the high school level to replace Carl.

We want the administration to understand that if they are truly working to strengthen the arts, especially music and band, removing Carl from the equation was the single biggest blow that could have happened against that endeavor. The monetary savings from losing a teacher like Carl do not even begin to be offset the value he brings to the arts throughout SAU39. Carl wants nothing more than to be with his students and continue his work in music excellence. He is willing to resume immediately if reinstated.

Please sign this petition to lend your support to the arts and music at Souhegan High School.

We have more detail in a letter that we have submitted to the SHS School Board, which can be found here.

1,291 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!