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Citibank: Negotiate with our family to stop our foreclosure and eviction.

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My mother Colleen McKee Espinosa, is a registered nurse and a single mother of three who has owned her home for 16 years. Last year, she attempted to pay her Citibank mortgage to catch up on two past-due payments on the indicated due date. The bank told her the home had already been sent into foreclosure.

I grew up in our Northeast Minneapolis home, and although we only had six years left to pay off our home, the bank has been unwilling to modify her mortgage so that we can stay in our community.

 My mother has struggled her entire life to keep our family afloat and give my siblings and I a better life than she had. She has worked as a registered nurse for 22 years, serving and caring for others, and now she needs our support.

I've dedicated the last 8 months of my life to helping families fight against unjust foreclosures and the greedy banks that would rather leave homes vacant than work to keep families in their communities even after being bailed out with our tax dollars. With your help CitiBank won't be stealing this home from my mom--it stops here.  

"I'm not leaving my home until we get a good faith negotiation. I'm fighting to send the message to other people not to give up, because if you're isolated you can't fight these people. Said Colleen. "The banks that crashed our economy better watch out because people are catching on to their game and we aren't going to let them take our homes from us.

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