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To cause change within CITES, Hong Kong Government and the Singapore Government, to gain greater protection of species

Letter to
Secretary General of CITES John Scanlon
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Mr John Scanlon (Secretary General of CITES), CITES Standing Committee Members,
Select CITES Government Representatives,

I want you to take resolute action on three issues at CoP 16 in Thailand:

1. Proposal 17 (Lamna nasus) at CoP 15 - At the 6th plenary session of CoP 15 in Doha, when the German delegation voted against the opening of the debate on amendment proposal 17, their vote was not correctly recorded, so the debate went ahead. Had their vote been properly recorded, the debate on the amendment proposal in the 6th plenary session would not have been opened and proposal 17 would have been adopted. This is outrageous and an affront to natural justice! I hereby demand that this matter be revisited, that the vote of the German delegation be properly recorded, the subsequent vote on amendment proposal 17 be declared null and void and that proposal 17 be adopted as originally passed.

2. Use of Secret Ballots - There has been a shocking abuse of the use of Secret Ballots in CITES to decide votes, especially on marine species of commercial interest. Such votes lack transparency, excuse accountability and invite corruption. They have no place in CITES and I want you to take firm and decisive steps to put a stop to this practice now.

3. Conflict of Interest - The fact that CITES still lacks Conflict of Interest provisos is inexcusable and again lacks transparency, excuses accountability and invites corruption and is not the way that a globally representative UN body should conduct its business. I want you to take firm and decisive steps to implement robust Conflict of Interest provisos in CITES!

Chief Executive of Hong Kong

Following the recent case involving an illegal food factory using an illegal structure on a rooftop to dry fins, I want your administration to better police the laws of Hong Kong. This drying operation was being conducted in an illegal structure and in contravention of Section 31 of the Food Business Regulation (Licensing of food business), Cap 132X, Laws of Hong Kong. I want you to take resolute action to stop this and all such similar illegal activities in Hong Kong.
I also want Hong Kong to respect the laws of other countries, so I want you to implement laws in Hong Kong to prevent the import of any animals which have been captured in contravention of the laws of another country.

Government of Singapore

I am outraged that at CoP 15 in Doha, it was your position that CITES was not designated to regulate commercially exploited marine species. As a signatory to the convention, read the rules and if you do not agree with them, leave CITES. There is no place in CITES for a country which either cannot understand, or refuses to honor its international commitments. I am also shocked that you initiated a Secret Ballot which resulted in the questionable overturning of a proposal to list Lamna nasus on CITES Appendix II (Proposal 17 at CoP 15) and want you to publically commit to abolishing the use of Secret Ballots in CITES.

To all addressees, you have been put on notice!

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