Shut down Beijing Zoo in China

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Incredibly distressing video footage has emerged of the horrific conditions being endured by elephants at Beijing Zoo in China which is a proof of brutal human behavior toward captured animals being kept at the zoo.

The video was taken by conservation activist Sharon Pincott, who was in China to speak to school children about the work she does for elephants in Zimbabwe. She visited the zoo on two consecutive days, and was absolutely disgusted to witness the awful conditions that both African and Asian elephants were living in.

According to Sharon, the elephants are housed inside tiny concrete cells which open into small, barren outside areas. She doubts that they have ever left these small confined spaces. She was unable to find out where the three African elephants (an adult male, female, and young male calf) that are currently housed in the zoo come from, but she does not believe the calf came from Zimbabwe – she suspects it was bred at the zoo. The origin of the two adults is unknown.

So many baby animals are captured in shock and taken away from their families before they start the zoo life.

China has a long history of treating animals in a very improper manner by using them for human entertainment and inflicting a lot of mental and physical suffering upon them by keeping them in highly unnatural living conditions. . It is inhuman to be able to enjoy such a depressing sight.

Hence, it is a humble request to bring an end to this brutality by simply shutting down the zoo and taking the animals in question back to their homelands.