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Millions of these animals are exported all around the world for the pet trade and now for traditional medicine as they are rumoured to cure AIDS. I want to see the unnecessary suffering of these magnificent animals stopped.
When they are sold for medicinal purposes most require a specimen of several hundred grams, young adults are fed chicken liver to speed up the growth process and fatten them up. If that fails there have been cases of the animals being injected with silicone.
As for the pet trade, people should strive to buy captive bred specimens. Wild caught Tokays are often not of the best health and many have internal parasites, many die if intensive treatment is not provided.
If you love reptiles then please sign this petition to stop being imported and exported.

Letter to
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Defra
Protect and stop the import and export of Tokay Geckos!

This brutality cannot go on, please realise if nothing is done these animals may become extinct in our lifetimes!
This is not going to happen and you are the ones who can change that.

Reptiles are often forgotten, don't let the tokay gecko be one of them!

My petition link is:

Please help me to help tokay geckos.

Thank you.

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