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Dolphins belong in the wild, not in circuses!

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Cirque Du Liban broken promises once again!

"We believe the use of animals in circuses is no longer ethically acceptable and do not use any animals in our work." - Izak Abou-Sari, Founder and Director, Cirque Du Liban

The reality is very different...

Only a short time after making this statement, Cirque Du Liban moved away from having a circus based on performers to now using endangered animals as the main attraction.

And NOW DOLPHINS? On the side of the HIGHWAY?

We don’t even have a dolphinarium in Lebanon and many dolphin species are completely banned for commercial purposes as per CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species – which Lebanon is part of. The circus is a completely commercial enterprise! Read more about Dolphins/CITES here - pr/2004/040305_dolphin.shtml

We are against the use of all live animals in circuses, and these animals will certainly suffer. One of the most intelligent species reduced to nothing more than a money making prop, kept by the side of a highway in what will be a tiny pool!

Related documentary for awareness - http://www.blackfishmovie com/ 

We urge the related competent authorities to stop the use of endangered species, in specific the Dolphin show presented by Cirque du Liban!

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