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Circus World: Stop the Cruel Use of Elephants

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Baby elephants stolen from their families, tied to the ground with ropes, beaten with bullhooks and even burned with blowtorches. This is the fate of circus elephants like those exploited by Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin. It’s time to stop the torture.

Circus World elephants are from Carson & Barnes, a company notorious for animal abuse that has received numerous USDA citations for everything from mishandling elephants to failing to provide veterinary care to endangering the public. They were exposed for viciously attacking the elephants during training sessions, with the head trainer yelling “Make ‘em scream!”

Circus World made headlines again on June 30, 2017 when an elephant named Kelly fled her captors after a fellow elephant named Isla picked the lock on her enclosure. This was Kelly’s second escape attempt—she tried to run away from a different circus in 2014. It’s time for Circus World to finally get the message: Elephants do not want to be there, abused and degraded for entertainment.

Many major circuses have stopped using elephants and other exotic animals in their act. Now, it’s time for Circus World to follow suit. Sign this petition to tell Circus World to stop using elephants and all other wild animals in their show.


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