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"Circle Section" Copyright Registration for Consumer Media

Did you know that media ownership may become a thing of the past? When you buy a CD or DVD you can listen to or watch it whenever you want. What do you get when you buy digital music or movies? Publisher’s advocacy groups like the RIAA and the MPAA want you to believe that you have no ownership -- as you have always had with physical tapes, records, and discs -- so they can charge you over and over again for content you already own. They are working to take away the right to make legal copies so you will have to buy your titles all over again if you want to watch them on your iPad or tablet. Vibme just petitioned the United States Copyright Office to officially recognize ownership in digital or “online” media material objects and to develop "Circle Section" registration to identify and track those ownership rights. With “Circle Section” registration, consumers will be able to assert and enjoy the media viewing rights they have always had, even when all media goes digital. See our petition to the Copyright Office at If you agree that consumers should always have the right to view their media when, where, and on whatever devices they want, then join us to get the word out.

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