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Over the summer, at a Cinemark theatre, I saw the documentary Blackfish. Blackfish exposed the abuse, neglect and cruelty suffered by the orcas at SeaWorld, and showed SeaWorld's unspeakable ignorance and willingness to look the other way if it meant more profit. After having seen Blackfish in a Cinemark theatre, I was stunned and appalled last week to see a popcorn bag with an orca and a SeaWorld logo advertising a Cinemark- SeaWorld promotion called the "Extend Your Summer Sweepstakes". I am asking Cinemark to end this promotion and not engage in future cooperative advertising arrangements that are based on cruel exploitation of orcas.

Letter to
VP Marketing for Cinemark James Meredith (VP Marketing for Cinemark)
James Meredith and Cinemark,
I am appalled that Cinemark is engaged in a cooperative advertising campaign with SeaWorld and Coca-Cola called the "Extend Your Summer Sweepstakes". SeaWorld's mistreatment and exploitation of intelligent marine mammals including orcas and dolphins is well documented. It is particularly ironic that Cinemark would choose to be a party to this abuse in light of your recent screenings of the SeaWorld exposé Blackfish. Blackfish revealed SeaWorld's long history of neglecting both animals and their trainers in pursuit of greater profit. I demand that Cinemark disengage from this promotion and that it not enter into future contracts with SeaWorld.

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