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Send Kevin Gregg to AAA

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Kevin Gregg should be in AAA. Let's make it happen.

Dear Supporters,

I want some things about this petition to be very clear.

1. I wish nothing but the best for Kevin Gregg and the Cincinnati Reds. I hope Kevin Gregg proves us all wrong, and pitches extremely well the rest of the season.

2. The petition was started as a joke, and I expected maybe 40 people to sign. I did not expect the media and radio attention that it has received.

3. I just want to reiterate the fact that I wish nothing but the best for Gregg. I'm sure that he is a great guy, and a great teammate. I just want someone on our team who can produce positive results for my hometown team. I believe we are all here because we feel that way. Bring up a young player, who is capable and needs experience, and send Gregg down for a little while to work on his stuff.

4. Right now, I just do not want to see Gregg continually thrown into pressure situations that he cannot handle. Send him down to AAA to work out some kinks, and bring him back later in the season when he is ready to perform at a major league level.

5. I will not be taking this down, until Gregg is sent down. That said, I will not be promoting it very much any more. If you wish to, feel free, but I will not be.

6. If you have any questions/concerns about this petition, contact me via Twitter, @RTCincy.

Go Reds.

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