HOA President Hires Falconer J. Prucich To Torture & Kill Abandoned Pet Rabbits With Hawks

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9/19/2019 UPDATEVICTORY FOR THE RABBITS!  Click this Victory link to learn
how you can continue to help the rabbits and review any questions or misunderstandings. 
Please Note:  Despite hearsay being circulated; the KATU News Story was not a fake story.  Due to valid complaints; there was an investigation with Animal Services and Fish and Wildlife who were looking into whether the hunt was legal. It is not legal to hunt and kill domestic animals.

9/18/2019 UPDATE - 
THE DOMESTIC PET RABBIT HUNT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Click on the link to read the Statement From The Falconer For More Details.

9/17/2019 UPDATE - SCHEDULED HUNT DATE 9/22/2019.  Click the link to read the HOA Letter Confirmation

On 9/22/2019 Vancouver WA, Cimarron HOA President – Cheri McIntosh Campbell plans to use the services of a Falconer John Prucich to barbarically kill helpless abandoned pet domestic rabbits and their baby bunnies by ripping them apart alive.  Red tailed hawks strike with their talons, usually aiming for the head and eyes; they will try to gouge the eyes with their front talons, while piercing the back of the head with their back talon, they will rip and tear, swallowing chunks of the animal as they go even if the prey is still alive. 

Torturing and killing pet rabbits is against the law under Washington Animal Cruelty Statutes and Vancouver Ordinances.  Please take a moment and report Cimarron HOA President – Cheri McIntosh Campbell and Falconer John Prucich for intentionally planning to break the state of Washington's Animal Cruelty Laws in 5 days.

Cimarron Home Owner Association failed to provide minimum care for neglected abandoned pet domestic rabbits living on their property which is considered cruelty to animals. Abandonment of domestic animals and intentionally causing pain, suffering and death to domestic animals is against the law.  The rabbits are not wild nor do they have wild instincts to survive in the wild.  They breed, starve, suffer from disease and are attacked by wild and human predators. Older rabbits die and the cruel cycle continues with offspring. 

Please call Clark County Animal services (564-397-2488) and ask them to respectfully uphold the law, stop this reprehensible intentional cruelty and to find ethical alternatives to help the domestic rabbits that were abandoned to suffer and die in the wild.  

Please call the local Humane Society (360-693-4746) and ask them to help the rabbits while working with local Rabbit Rescues and other Rabbit Rescues offering to help.  The abandoned pet rabbits deserve rescue, to be medically vetted and find loving homes.  

WASH. REV. CODE § 16.52.207. Animal cruelty in the second degree. 
(1) A person is guilty of animal cruelty in the second degree if, under circumstances not amounting to first degree animal cruelty, the person knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence inflicts unnecessary suffering or pain upon an animal.
Section 8.24.180 Cruelty to animals - City of Vancouver
The following, singly or together, are deemed to constitute cruel treatment to animals. Therefore, it is unlawful for any person to:
1. Willfully and cruelly kill, injure, poison, torture or torment any animal;
2. Intentionally or negligently cause or allow any animal to endure pain, suffering, injury…
RCW 9.08.070 - (1) (c) Willfully or recklessly kills or injures any pet animal, unless excused by law.

While claiming animal welfare is his first priority; does falconer John Prucich have respect for abandoned pet domestic rabbits or will he unethically allow his birds to torture and kill helpless pet rabbits while inviting the public to watch under the guise of education? 

Neighbors are invited to meet the birds and watch this horrific event as "educational".   Portrayed as a fun public event you can watch helpless sentient rabbits be terrified in fear while being ripped apart alive one chunk at a time.   

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