Cigna: Finnley needs HELP! Please cover his speech therapy

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My son Finnley Sharp excelled in all his fine motor skills and milestones. He is super smart and active! Said several words and would blab up a storm.

I noticed in January of 2018 when Finnley was 18 months old that his verbal communication had completely stopped. He was getting sick a lot and always tugging at his ears. I took him to see his pediatrician in Texas and sure enough the ear infections started.

By May 2018 he had 6 ear infections. We found out he was allergic to Penicillin and Cefdinir. PCN actually made his muscles inflame and he could not walk or move for a week. It was extremely scary.

Unfortunately his physician did not refer him to see a pediatric ENT and I grew frustrated and pulled him out of Daycare and left TX back to TN to his see his physician. She was very concerned with his speech delay and mile stones all being delayed when they were not prior. She referred him for TEIS (TN Early Intervention Systems) and a ENT

I took him to the ENT. Audiologist did his hearing test and said that he could not hear that well and at certain points did not respond at all. Also did a test and he had fluid in his middle ear with no infection at the moment. Within a few weeks Finnley got tubes in his ears and one of his first words again was GEKKO from PJ Mask, I love you (more like I uh u), DADA, MAMA and PAPA. I cried with joy the first time I heard my sons voice again.

Finnley was seen by the Early Intervention team in TN and was diagnosed with a delay of 40% with Speech and Communication also 25% delay in Cognitive and Social. He was approved and ready to start.

Unfortunately I could not do this all on my own. I was in TN alone. We had no one for support or help. I had to return to TX. I needed, we needed the support of my husband. I started all over again here.

Cigna says they approve 60 visits in a physical year. The company Riverkids that my son has been seen by was approved (payable) for 3 visits and denied for any further therapy. They said my son is not eligible because it is not RESTORATIVE. The benefits now want to exclude Speech Therapy for our 27 Month old son when he has been seen and covered for 3 visits and was 100% covered in TN.

My son acts out and has a very short attention span. We really need the Speech Pathologist with Riverkids to see our son at his daycare to help him speak and communicate. He is frustrated and does not seem to understand. He has only picked up 3 more words (more like sounds). Examples: "Mo ease" for More Please. "Ah du" for All Done. "Wad dat" for what's that? His delay is now a full year behind.

I'm the voice for our son, Finnley. He deserves the chance to be at his full potential. I'm asking you to please sign this petition to help MY SON!

Thank you,

Amanda Soliday-Sharp
(A concerned mother)

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